Velux Repair

Repair service

There are many spare parts available and we can offer a basic service and reglazing of VELUX windows up to a bespoke service including surface treatments.

When it comes to repairing we understand the product and it's limitations and offer a one year warrantee unless the window is fitted below 15Degrees* (excludes flat roof options). Our percentage success rate for repairing VELUX roof windows is over 85%.

*Subject to minimum number or during other payable works and purchase through PMV Blinds only.Terms and conditions apply.


Is your VELUX pane misted up between the panes?
Is your VELUX pane cracked/smashed?
Or are you looking to upgrade your VELUX pane for a more energy efficient pane?
We can fulfil all VELUX needs.
There are many different types of panes available please contact us for more information.

Please note that depending on the year of manufacture you may require a conversion kit to fit some glass types at extra cost.


We can give your VELUX roof window a bespoke clean and service this includes;

Servicing / Surface preparation / Ventilation gasket / Varnish / Oil / Paint. 

You will be amazed at the transformation!

At the same time of Renovating your windows we can offer to supply and fit VELUX blinds to your VELUX windows, There are many types of blinds and colours to choose from.

Leak investigation

We can offer to investigate a leaking VELUX roof window for you, most of the time a service can cure these problems, If your window can't be fixed with a service we will give you some other options in which you can go down.


We have seen loads of leaking VELUX windows thoughout the years which most of the time is due to poor installations which have been undertaken by COWBOY BUILDERS.

Fault finding

Fault finding on all VELUX, Dakea and Roto Windows, control systems and INTEGRA IO control systems, including smoke ventilation systems.

Service and Maintenance

As Velux roof windows have moving parts these will wear and break if not maintained, Velux recommend that the windows should be serviced between every 1 - 2 years to keep the windows in working order to prevent breakage.

To arrange a regular service contract get in touch and we will be happy to help.