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Velux reglazing

Velux glazing units typically last around 10 - 25 years depending on locations. A sign of your glazing units starting to fail are condensation will begin to form on the inside of the sealed unit or you may get leaks due to the external seals breaking down with age.

Breakages and accidents can happen, the good thing with Velux windows are you can reglaze them and keep existing frames which is more eco friendly than putting a new window in its place.

Velux no longer sell glazing units to suit windows of an older generation, so the only solution is to replace your entire window and frame for new. However we don't see this as being eco friendly replacing perfectly good roof windows just to change the units. Here at PMV Blinds we can supply double sealed glazing units to suit all Velux windows new or old and the glazing units come with a guarantee and are manufactured locally to us in Hertfordshire.

Before and After pictures from reglazing
Velux reglaze before.jpeg
Velux reglaze after
Reglaze bathroom before
reglaze bathroom after

The transformation and benefits from reglazing your velux windows can be great, from being able to view things outside your window to benefiting from the glazing being more insulated from the cold and heat.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like your Velux windows reglazed.

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