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Velux Awning Blinds

Velux awning blinds are external blinds perfectly suited to stop strong sunlight and heat even before it hits the pane on your roof window. While not in use, the awning blind rolls up out of sight under its casing. When extended to the base of the sash, the semi-transparent fabric cuts out the direct rays of the sun, still allowing full visibility to the outside, and reduces the heat of the sun by 76%. The blind can be positioned anywhere in the window and can also be used with the window open. Manual with hooks can only be rolled fully up or fully down.

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Solar powered Awning blinds are perfect for manual and solar INTEGRA® roof windows that are out of reach. The blind comes with a remote control operated by a standard battery. The solar-rechargeable battery holds enough charge for up to 600 operations, even if there is no direct sunlight for recharging.


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3 Years

Velux awning blinds  are made to high standards from the highest quality materials and have been designed to last many years. Velux awning blinds are backed by a 3-year guarantee through Velux.


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The manual Velux awning blind is very easy to operate. Simply open the window, rotate it 180 degrees and fix the blind to the two hooks on the outside of the bottom sash. You can open and close the window even when the blind is down.


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100% polyester

Velux awning blinds are made of a weather resistant, 100% polyester net fabric for long lasting performance. 

The solar operated awning blinds have a lacquered aluminium top cover. The solar powered awning blinds run in side channels, also made of lacquered aluminium. 

The manually operated awning blinds do not have side channels and can be hidden within the top cover of the roof window.

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